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Teachers’ Council

The Teachers' Council, an integral statutory body within Nagar College, assumes a paramount role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality education through effective teaching, learning, and evaluation processes. As a governing body, it diligently monitors and oversees the proper design and implementation of various academic plans and initiatives that contribute to the overall academic well-being of the college.

Under the guidance and leadership of the Principal, who serves as the President of the Teachers' Council, this esteemed body comprises dedicated and experienced faculty members. The Council operates through the establishment of different committees, carefully composed of both senior and junior teachers, who collectively contribute their expertise and insights to address specific areas of focus.

The primary responsibility of the Teachers' Council is to ensure the maintenance of academic standards and excellence within the college. It diligently assesses and enhances the quality of teaching and learning experiences, fostering an environment conducive to effective knowledge dissemination and skill development. Through regular evaluations, feedback mechanisms, and constructive discussions, the Council endeavors to continually improve teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches, adapting to the evolving needs and expectations of the student community.

Furthermore, the Teachers' Council actively oversees the comprehensive planning and implementation of key academic aspects, including the admission process, examinations, sports, cultural activities, extension activities, and research endeavors. By meticulously supervising these domains, the Council aims to create a harmonious and holistic educational environment that nurtures the holistic development of students, encouraging their participation in extracurricular activities, promoting their physical and mental well-being, and fostering a spirit of creativity, innovation, and intellectual curiosity.

In line with its commitment to fostering a vibrant academic ecosystem, the Teachers' Council plays a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting research activities within the college. By facilitating research initiatives, encouraging scholarly pursuits, and providing necessary resources, the Council strives to create an atmosphere conducive to intellectual exploration and knowledge generation. This emphasis on research not only enriches the academic discourse within the institution but also contributes to the advancement of knowledge in various fields of study.

The Teachers' Council of Nagar College acts as a dynamic and participatory body, upholding the principles of shared governance and collective decision-making. Through its diverse committees, it harnesses the collective wisdom and expertise of the faculty members, promoting a collaborative approach to address academic challenges and drive progress. The inclusion of both senior and junior faculty members ensures a balanced representation of perspectives, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and nurturing the professional growth and development of the teaching staff.

In conclusion, the Teachers' Council of Nagar College stands as a cornerstone of academic excellence, promoting quality assurance, and serving as a guiding force in shaping the teaching, learning, and evaluation processes. Through its diligent efforts, the Council endeavors to uphold the highest standards of education, foster an environment of academic rigor and creativity, and contribute to the holistic development of students within the college.



 Teachers’ Council Secretary:

Academic Year Name
2022-2023 Sri. Ujjwal De
2021-2022 Dr. Manik Biswas
2020-2021 Dr. Sudipta Sau
2019-2020 Dr. Sudipta Sau
2018-2019 Dr. Sudipta Sau
2017-2018 Sri. Sudipta Sau
2016-2017 Sri. Sudipta Sau

Various sub-committees of Teachers' council for the session 2022-2023


Admission Sub-Committee 

Seminar Sub-Committee

Cultural Sub-Committee

Library Sub-Committee

Magazine Sub-Committee

Career Councelling Sub-Committee

Sports & Games Sub-Committee

Routine Sub-Committee

Examination Sub Committee