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Code of Conduct for the Principal
•    The Principal will Chalk out a policy and plan to execute the vision and mission of the college.
•    The principal will remain fair in his disciplinary actions for all the members of faculty, non-teaching staff and students.
•    The Principal will always encourage all his staff and students to reach their maximum potential.
•    The Principal will monitor and manage to take remedial measures/actions based on stakeholders’ feedback.
•    The Principal will ensure all his staff members and students to be remain aware of rules, policies, and procedures laid down by the college.
•    The Principal will recommend and forward communication to the higher authority of the college (Governing Body/Administrator).
•    The Principal will take necessary action to execute qualitative and quantitative work for the welfare of the institution.
•    Principal should sign the attendance register while reporting for duty.
•    The Principal will listen the students’ idea and will set up accordingly the supportive tone.
•    All staffs will adhere strictly to the laws and regulations of the college, Kalyani University and West Bengal Govt.