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As per National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) guidelines every accredited institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC becomes a part of the institution's system and works towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.

The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institutions.

The Fundamental Objective of IQAC is

  • To advance a system for purposeful, persistent and catalytic action to upgrade the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  • To foster measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of finest practices.
  • A principal function of the IQAC, Nagar College is to develop pragmatic and attainable quality benchmarks for both academic and administrative activities and make quality enhancement an integral part of institutional functioning.
  • It strives to maintain academic discipline, conducts meetings with the Principal to formulate the plans for quality enhancement and bolster equal opportunities for all the student, staff and stakeholders.
  • The IQAC also interrelate with the entire staff as and when requisite. This helps all participants, teaching and non-teaching alike to with the nuances of IQAC functioning and the NAAC agenda.
  • To foster virtuosity in Teaching Learning Function.
  • It maps out plan of action for academic acceleration.
  • It strives to effectuate the projects adopted and track the state of progress and appropriate necessary actions if the progress is come to a standstill.


Composition of IQAC

Dr. Anilesh Dey



Dr. Manik Biswas



Dr. Soma Mukherjee     

Principal, PHG College  

External Member

Biswajit Halder                

Assistant Professor, Viswabharati, External Member

External Member

Joydeep Chakraborty Member  
Dr. Sudipta Sau

Dr. Satarupa Dasgupta



Anwar Hossain Member  

Ananya Sarkar



Md. Alfaruque Sk



Md. Maidul Hossain


  Administrative Representative

Toufikur Rahaman


 Administrative Representative