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1.  Anti-Ragging Cell

 All students are here by informed that if they entail any conduct that gives rise to any form persecution to any other student of this college; drastic measures will be taken by the college authorities against them. Activities of ragging within the college campus can knock down and muddle a student’s life, career and academic ambience respectively. The Cell is comprised of the following members:


It is mandatory as per the Hon. Supreme Court & UGC Regulations that all students fill in an Anti Ragging Affidavit, each year. To make the process easy, the UGC (University Grants Commission), Govt. of India has developed an ON LINE Facility. Affidavits can be filled


It is mandatory for the students to fill the Anti ragging disclaimer at the time of admission.-UGC

  • UGC Antiragging Amendment 2016
  • UGC Antiragging Guidelines 2009

Members of the Anti-ragging cell

Anti-Ragging Committee
1. Dr. Anilesh Dey (Principal,
 Nagar College)
2. B.D.O (Khargram Block)
3. O.C. (Khargram PS)
4. Prodhan, Kirtipur Gram Panchayat

5. Dr. Satarupa Dasgupta                  Convenor
6. Dr. Manik Biswas
Ananya Sarkar
8. Soumen Pradhan                               

9. Md. Maidul Hossain

10. Payel Ghosh
11. Student Representative

 Meeting Minutes

Email ID: (Share your problems)

Ragging constitutes of one or more of any of the following acts

  • Any kind of misconduct to a student of an educational institution, which causes physical or psychological harm.
  • Forcing a student to do any act against his/her willingness.
  • Targeting a student on the ground of his colour, race, religion, caste, gender, sexual orientation, linguistic identity or economic background.
  • Deliberately creating a sense of shame or embarrassing a junior student or fresher.
  • Force students to perform acts which can lead to physical injury/ mental torture or death.

Punishment for ragging

  • Guardian call and Class suspension according to the degree of offence
  • Disallowing to appear in test examination
  • Financial punishment
  • Expulsion from hostel
  • Rustication from College (if fault is severe)
  • Holding back results
  • Cancellation of admission
  • Imprisonment as per 'West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutions act, 2000'.


  • The Committee keeps a deep observation over any kind of act of ragging inside the campus (Classrooms, Canteens, Grounds, and Hostels etc) and take prompt action.
  • Anti-ragging banners are placed at various places of the campus and all the hostels to alert the students about this criminal offence.
  • Frequent and surprise visits are done to the hostels (both boys and girls) and private conversation are done with the new comers so that they can share any kind of embarrassing experiences that they may have faced.
  • Emergency helpline number and email contact has been given so that any student can report any kind of ragging incident inside the campus.
  • The Anti-ragging cell shows zero tolerance against any such reported act and strict measures are taken to curb the menace of Ragging.

National Anti-Ragging Helpline

Phone No: - 18001805522
Email: - Helpline@Antiragging.In
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