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The concept of education, vast and multidimensional, encompasses an expansive range of meanings. Swami Vivekananda's oft-quoted and widely acclaimed definition resonates powerfully: "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man." Deep-rooted in our Indian scriptures is the proclamation, "Sa Vidyaya Ya Vimuktaye," emphasizing the transformative power of education. But what does it liberate us from? Education liberates us from the clutches of ignorance, poverty, ill health, superstition, mean-mindedness, all forms of bigotry, and the pervasive evils that impede the progress of human civilization, hindering the creation of a truly magnificent world. Education stands as one of the most fundamental and indispensable needs of human existence. Aristotle aptly declared that it is better to remain unfed than untaught, highlighting the stark contrast between an educated individual and one who lacks knowledge—the distinction between a life lived fully and one spent in mere existence.
Professor (Dr.) Anilesh Dey
Principal Nagar College


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Then all the sorrows that lay heavily on us, the repeated failures, the botched trepidations will pass like the lights on bridges at village corners where shadows crouch under pierced constellations… (Derek Walcott, Tiepolo’s Hound) Fifty kilometers away from Berhampore, the village of Nagar has a remarkably enriched cultural legacy evident in the relics of ancient structures and an annual winter carnival inaugurated in the memory of saint Shah Chand Fakir. Far from the din and bustle of the city, Nagar College campus offers lush green meadows, a wide variety of trees like deodar, shishu, neem, shimul, sirish and chhatim, a delicately handled garden with flowers, palm trees and foliages, squirrels and butterflies moving around the perfectly trimmed hedges and the glistening surface of an aquatic body mirroring a still sky. The institution which was established in 1998 and got the required UGC affiliation in 2008 -
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